Newborn Colors

hum, hum, Baby
ya gotta hum
before ya sing.

i can hear your song now, Baby,
i can hear the laughter in your cries
there’s always a little death before Life.

ya gotta go through a little hell
before gettin’ to Heaven
i’m here to soothe your brow.
i’ll feed you, i’ll nurture you,
i’ll protect you and guide you,
i will lavish you in Beauty and Joy.

My Dear Child,
there’s no one else
who could be more grateful
for my Love for you than You
and Me for Your Love for Me.
I Am Your Gift
and You Are Mine.

lace your two souls together
in One place and time
and wash your eyes clean with newborn colors.

you are shimmering, shimmering
in new dawn’s early light
dancing upon the skin of the earth
and surface of water.

it’s okay, daddy.
it’s okay for hurting me and mommy.
i forgive you.

it’s okay, mama.
it’s okay, for being afraid of daddy
and neglecting me.
i forgive you.

thank you, Baby.
thank you for Your forgiveness when we abandoned you,
neglected you, harmed you, and starved you.
thank you for your forgiveness when we exploited you,
exposed you, and killed you.
We’re sorry.
We Love You.

We give you the gift of re-birth
to be born, and born, and born again
into this spiritual, physical,
emotional expression and experience in Life
until we All get it right
and transform our lives
within Our Current Lifetime.

you are forgiven, melodramatic mama.

you are forgiven, despicable daddy.

you are forgiven, screaming, suffering child.

(NEWBORN COLORS by Brijit Reed)