True Self



I’m not a religious person, but this is my idea of my true self– the symbolic imagery of what I’m striving for in spite of the many flaws, fears, resentments, sorrows, and illusions that I’m working to dismantle and release. I think we all have a “true self” within us– something that represents all the love, joy, peace, harmony, contentment, compassion, freedom, and well-being that we’ve all felt from time to time. I think our true selves maintain this state within us, and it’s up to us to seek it out, tap into it, and draw it forth so that we can draw on our own inner strength when challenges arise. Though it takes many forms and shapes– people, trees, birds, rivers– I believe that there is, ultimately, only one True Self that expresses itself as us and through us, and connects us all together.


“my love is big enough for you– no matter what you do. i’ll turn into a star and shine for you, just for loving you– no matter what you do, because my love for you– and everyone else i see– is unconditionally reflected by me.”